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Holm Story, a reputable home decor brand, approached De.We.Ca Studio seeking to rejuvenate their online presence. They faced challenges related to slow website loading times and an outdated user interface. Their goal was to revamp their website, create an engaging user experience, and ensure fast page load times to improve customer satisfaction.


Holm Story is a thought and passion of 2 young women, Arushi Agarwal & Kanika Datt, who love cooking, eating, hosting at home as much as they love going out. For them, a most basic meal if served in a better bowl, can add magic to the taste and experience.

The challenge

  • Slow Website Load Times: Holm Story’s existing website suffered from slow loading times, leading to a poor user experience and potential customer drop-offs.
  • Outdated Design: The website’s outdated design needed a modern and aesthetically pleasing makeover.
  • Limited Functionality: The client wanted to add e-commerce features and enhance the overall functionality of the website to support their growing business.

The Solution

1. Website Revamp in Shopify: Our team undertook a comprehensive website revamp, migrating Holm Story to the Shopify platform. This transformation not only resolved the issue of slow load times but also provided a robust foundation for future growth.

2. User-Centric Design: We designed a visually appealing and user-friendly interface, ensuring that customers could easily navigate the website, find products, and make purchases seamlessly.

3. E-commerce Integration: We implemented e-commerce features, allowing Holm Story to showcase their products effectively and enable secure online transactions.

Services Used:

Business impact

Our collaboration with Holm Story ushered in a significant transformation in their digital presence, culminating in a substantial business impact. Through the revamp of their website on Shopify, the results were striking. Website load times saw a remarkable 50% reduction, resulting in improved customer satisfaction and reduced bounce rates. The modern and aesthetically pleasing design garnered praise, contributing to a 40% increase in page views and extended customer engagement. Notably, the user-centric approach enhanced customer satisfaction, propelling a remarkable 35% surge in online sales within just three months. The scalability of the new platform ensures seamless future growth for Holm Story. This project not only improved website performance but also exemplified the profound business impact that strategic web development can achieve.


Reduction in Load time


Increase in Page Views


Surge in Online Sales

Esteemed web development solutions

The transformation of Holm Story’s online presence was a resounding success. The migration to Shopify, coupled with a modern design and improved functionality, led to remarkable results. Faster load times, increased user engagement, and substantial growth in online sales showcased the impact of our web development services.

Holm Story now stands as a shining example of how a well-executed website revamp can rejuvenate a brand’s online presence, enhance user experiences, and drive significant business growth.

“De.We.Ca Studio has been instrumental in transforming our digital presence. Their expertise in web development, particularly the migration to Shopify, revitalized our website. We witnessed a remarkable improvement in website speed, with a 50% reduction in load times, resulting in enhanced customer satisfaction. Their modern design approach not only received praise from our customers but also led to a 40% increase in page views and extended user engagement. We were particularly impressed by their user-centric approach, which boosted our online sales by an impressive 35% within just three months. Their work laid the foundation for scalable growth, and we couldn’t be happier with the results. De.We.Ca Studio is not just a service provider; they are our digital transformation partner.”

For Holm Story, we put together a robust web development strategy that includes:

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